Holyoke School District Re-1J
5-Year Strategic Plan

The Board of Education and administration are pleased to present Destination 2016 to our teachers, staff, parents, students and the greater Holyoke community. As we continue to strengthen the partnerships that will make our school district stronger and raise student achievement for all students, it is essential that everyone involved has a clear picture of where the school district is headed and how we will measure our progress along the way.
The 5-year plan process began at a Board Retreat in January of 2010. After a year of work, the Holyoke Board of Education and administration again met in a retreat on January 8, 2011 to finalize this work. It was introduced at the regular business meeting on January 20, 2011 and adopted March 1, 2011. The Board believes that the path to an exemplary school district is a journey that includes bold visions, transparent decisions, and accountability for progress, all in the name of increased student achievement.
Destination 2016 is a living document, which means that as we make progress toward our goals, the plan will be updated to reflect higher expectations or perhaps even new goals. As stakeholders in our school district, you can expect an annual report outlining our progress toward each goal, and an honest reflection and corrective actions to be taken when we are not making adequate progress toward our goals.
The Holyoke School District Re-1J hopes you will join us on this journey over the next five years. We need your partnership to meet our goals. You can be involved on a variety of levels from an employee, interested citizen, volunteer at a school, involved parent, a member of one of our many shared leadership committees, or perhaps someday as a candidate for the Board of Education. Destination 2016 is a bold statement of what our school can achieve, and with your partnership, we will meet every goal for our students.

Holyoke School District Re-1J
Holyoke, Colorado


Graduate every student prepared with the necessary knowledge, skill and character to find success in life.


The Holyoke School District provides a positive, safe and stimulating learning environment under the guidance of a knowledgeable and dedicated staff with high expectations for all students. The District offers an innovative curriculum and flourishes due to strong partnerships with parents and the community. The District graduates students who have developed into self-sufficient, highly motivated, independent critical thinkers who respect cultural differences, are adaptable to change, have positive self-esteem, and who have secured the necessary skills to succeed as productive citizens.


ACCOUNTABILITY The District leads with integrity, accepts responsibility for its outcomes, and works to instill these values into our students.
KNOWLEDGE The District provides each student what he or she needs to grow academically, and supports the overall physical, social and emotional growth necessary for our students to be functioning members of society.
COMPASSION We all learn and perform best when we feel safe and accepted, and therefore, we are obligated to extend that feeling to others.
ZEAL When we are passionate about our work, dedication, determination, innovation and respect flourish.
EXCELLENCE The continuous journey toward our personal and organizational best keeps us striving for more.


  1. Increase Student Achievement with results in the top 25% of all schools in the State
  2. Recruit, retain, and develop a high quality teaching and classified staff
  3. Practice fiscal responsibility and develop a budget focused on district goals
  4. Demonstrate pride in our facilities and grounds creating the optimum learning environment
  5. Continuously improve communication and outreach with our community
Each district goal has specific strategies identified to meet the goal and a clear measurement target designed for continuous monitoring of our progress.


Holyoke School District Re-1J
Holyoke, Colorado

March 1, 2011

Greetings Patrons of the Holyoke School District,

The newly adopted mission statement for the Holyoke School District represents a clear, simple, but bold purpose that drives the actions our teachers and staff every day of the year. I say bold, because of one key word, “every.” For the Holyoke School District to reach our goals and impact our community and the world in the way we desire, every student must graduate. This is why we are here. Regardless of the language that is spoken at home, the challenges of poverty, race, learning disabilities, or even the challenges that advanced learners face, the teachers and staff of the Holyoke School District recognize that these challenges can be overcome with a high quality school system.

To meet this lofty mission, our work in the district is guided by a set of core values. These values were not handed down from on high, but rather were developed by our teachers and staff and shaped with input from parents and other volunteers working closely with the district. While no list is all encompassing, these values send a clear message of what it takes to be an employee here, and what is necessary to support our mission. The District chooses to share our values publicly to communicate our expectations and to create another sense of accountability with students, parents, and community. We strive to walk-the-talk every day demonstrating these values by our actions.

In the pages that follow, we have outlined our goals, briefly described key strategies, and set targets to measure our progress toward increasing student achievement. The time to focus our energy and resources toward increasing student achievement for all students is now. Destination 2016 reflects our school system’s commitment to each individual student. We are committed to teaching them, supporting them, and guiding them to graduation and success in life.

It is an honor to be the superintendent of the Holyoke School District. I understand the pride this community takes in the city, our neighborhoods and this school. That pride and support, along with the determination of our teachers and staff will combine to be the necessary ingredients for transforming our school district into one of the top achieving districts in the state. Thank you for your support on our journey to Destination 2016.

Respectfully yours,

Bret Miles

Holyoke School District Re-1J
Goal #1
Increase Student Achievement

Goal 1.1 All schools and the school district are Accredited with Distinction.
Strategies Collaboratively develop and fully implement Building Improvement Plans. Each school will have an active improvement plan displayed on our web site and at Each plan has a description of the student achievement needs, root causes, identified solutions, and specific student achievement targets on state assessments.
Utilize the Standard of Excellence Team to monitor all student achievement targets.
Develop and implement a high-quality professional development program focused on improving instruction under the direction of the Leadership Team.
Monitor the District’s curriculum review process and the materials adoption process under the direction of the Leadership Team.
Measurement Achieve levels of CSAP Status, CSAP Growth, Achievement Gaps, and Post-secondary Readiness necessary to be recognized as Distinguished by the Colorado Department of Education’s Accreditation process in 2016.

Goal 1.2 Enhance the use of technology in the classroom to increase student achievement.
Strategies Increase the number of available computers in both buildings.
Refresh technology in the district on a 6-year cycle to maintain quality equipment.
Complete the installation of Promethean Boards in all classrooms.
Provide high quality professional development focused on technology in the classroom.
Invest in new technologies designed to increase engagement in the classroom.
Measurement Increase the amount and quality of technology available in the classroom supported by high quality professional development for teachers.

Goal 1.3 Foster an environment of mutual respect and support in the classroom
Strategies Build positive relationships between teachers and students.
Measurement Decrease the number of office referrals for respect. Maintain a high level of satisfaction on the District Perception Survey. Increase the number of positive comments on evaluations related to the classroom environment and interactions.

Holyoke School District Re-1J
Goal #2
Retain & Develop Quality Personnel

Goal 2.1 Foster a work environment most conducive to meeting needs of all students.
Strategies Continually adjust to the needs of students and employees to meet student achievement goals.
Create a mechanism for systematically recognizing employees based on key values and performance.
Recruit and retain a high quality staff.
Analyze all positions for gaps, redundancies, and overall efficiency.
Measurement Maintain a high level of job satisfaction of employees as measured by the District’s perception survey.

Goal 2.2 Improve the quality of instruction through support and accountability.
Strategies Fully Implement the Teacher Effectiveness Act (SB 191) which includes the use of a new teacher evaluation instrument that includes student achievement as an indicator.
Fully implement the District’s Instructional Model as the primary means of communicating about teaching and learning.
Create a teacher induction program that supports new teachers in the District.
Provide feedback to teachers on a regular basis aligned with the District’s Instructional Model and evaluation instrument.
Measurement Maintain high levels of satisfaction from teachers, students and parents as related to the quality of instruction in the district as measured by the District’s perception survey.

Goal 2.3 Utilize compensation and recognition to reward employees for meeting and supporting high goals.
Strategies Become familiar with current successful models.
Develop models of compensation with appropriate levels of input from employees and other stakeholders.
Institute new ways to recognize employees for outstanding achievements.
Measurement Implement a salary schedule for licensed staff by August 2016 that includes meeting or exceeding high goals as a factor in determining the salary.

Holyoke School District Re-1J
Goal #3
Maintain Fiscal Responsibility

Goal 3.1 Keep District financially strong by developing and monitoring a budget that meets both short and long-term goals.
Strategies Prioritize needs annually with Board adopted Budget Parameters.
Make decisions necessary to adjust expenditures with available revenue.
Maintain an adequate ending fund balance of three months of expenditures in reserve.
Allocate at least $180,000 of general fund dollars for capital projects each year.
Measurement Adopt a final budget each year that meets the Board’s annual Budget Parameters.

Goal 3.2 Build trust with employees and community in the school’s budget.
Strategies Utilize input from employees and the community during the budget development process.
Annually approve the budget timeline to communicate publicly the budget process.
Publish an annual report for the public with information on the District’s finances.
Measurement Maintain a high level of support from employees, parents and the community in regard to the use of district funds as measured by annual perception survey.

Goal 3.3 Enhance the general fund budget with additional revenue through an increase of educational choice or through sources of revenue outside of the School Finance Act.
Strategies Accurately account for mill levy money.
Utilize grant funding when appropriate.
Increase enrollment through innovative programs and by establishing a strong reputation among all schools in the region.
Measurement The adoption of the final budget will reflect increased revenue.

Holyoke School District Re-1J
Goal #4
Facilities Management

Goal 4.1 Establish a reputation with employees, students, community and surrounding communities as the District with the premiere facilities in Northeastern Colorado.
Strategies Hold Department Heads and Principals accountable for presentation of facilities and grounds.
Maintain adequate supplies, equipment and personnel to meet facility goals.
Provide high quality supervision of maintenance, grounds, and custodial staff.
Research other methods for managing custodial, maintenance, and grounds services.
Measurement Maintain a high level of satisfaction from students, parents, employees and community as a result of well-maintained and clean facilities as measured by the District’s perception survey.

Goal 4.2 Create a multi-year facilities plan and monitor progress toward repairing and improving facilities and grounds.
Strategies Create and monitor a written capital projects plan.
Continue to involve the District Budget and Facilities Committee in annual planning.
Utilize the Facilities Master Plan to determine priorities for the best use of capital projects money.
Measurement Annually present and approve updates to the Facilities Master Plan and a 10-year capital projects list prior to the approval of the preliminary budget.

Holyoke School District Re-1J
Goal #5
Communication & Community Outreach

Goal 5.1 Increase opportunities for, and the effectiveness of the District’s internal and external communications
Strategies Maintain appropriate opportunities to listen to employees.
Create and distribute an Annual Report to the community outlining progress on all goals.
Utilize local media to share positive stories about the school district.
Create and maintain a high quality website with current and relevant information.
Measurement Maintain a high level satisfaction with the District’s communication with employees, parents and community as measured by the District’s annual perception survey.

Goal 5.2 Expand partnerships for the district that support increased student achievement.
Strategies Create shared leadership opportunities for employees, parents and community.
Partner with other community organizations to support the mission of the District.
Develop collaborative partnerships with other districts to enhance student achievement.
Measurement The Board shall annually assess progress in this area through the Superintendent evaluation and Board self-reflection.


Holyoke School District Re-1J
Holyoke, Colorado

Board of Education Proclamation

WHEREAS, Article IX, Section 7 of the Colorado Constitution provides local Boards of Education “shall have control of instruction in the public schools of their respective districts;” and
WHEREAS, the Holyoke School District has a long tradition of excellence and is fortunate to have a supportive community that has high expectations for all students; and
WHEREAS, high quality instruction and a focused school system can overcome all challenges; and
WHEREAS, it is the responsibility of the Board of Education and administration to provide quality leadership which includes clear goals and a mechanism of accountability for those goals; and
THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, on this the first day of March in the year 2011, that;
The mission, vision, values and goals represent the expectations of the Holyoke School District; and
The Holyoke School District Re-1J Board of Education hereby adopts Destination 2016 as the official plan to achieve the mission, vision, values and goals for the District.

Holyoke Board of Education

Mr. Dan Kafka, Board President
Dr. Jeff Tharp, Board Vice President
Mrs. Linda Jelden, Board Secretary
Mr. Kris Camblin, Board Treasurer
Mrs. Kimbra Killin, Board Director
Mr. Jon King, Board Director
Mrs. Laura Krogmeier, Board Director

Administrative Council

Mr. Bret Miles, Superintendent of Schools
Mrs. Susan Ortner, Jr./Sr. High Principal
Mr. Kyle Stumpf, Elementary Principal
Ms. Kimberlee Bennett, Dir. of Assessment / AD