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First Grade Science

Focus Statement: Students will analyze the characteristics of plants and animals to determine
their basic needs.


L.S.1.1 Students will analyze living things to determine their needs.
L.S.1.1.1 Distinguish living from nonliving things.
L.S.1.1.2 Determine the needs of plants. (air, water, nutrients, light, space)
L.S.1.1.3 Determine the needs of animals. (air, water, food, shelter, space)
L.S.1.1.4 Compare and contrast the basic needs of human beings to the basic needs of
plants and other animals.

L.S.1.2 Students will analyze how parts of plants carry out specific functions.
L.S.1.2.1 Identify main parts of plants. (roots, stem, leaves, flowers)
L.S.1.2.2 Describe the function of the roots, stem, leaves, flowers.
L.S.1.2.3 Determine the growing conditions necessary for various parts of plants to
perform their function after observing classroom experiments. (air, water,
soil, sun, correct temperature)

L.S.1.3 Students will compare differences in the life cycles of living things to determine
that organisms change as they grow.
L.S.1.3.1 Identify the stages of the life cycle of the butterfly.
L.S.1.3.2 Identify the stages of the life cycle of the frog.
L.S.1.3.3 Observe and describe how humans change as they grow.

E.S.1.4 Students will observe and describe weather and compare and contrast changes
from season to season.
E.S.1.4.1 Describe different types of weather.
E.S.1.4.2 Identify how daily activities are affected by weather.

Students in first grade will incorporate the following components of the scientific method into the above outcomes: predict, classify, observe, and collect data.